Skills Builder

Our school is part of an exciting programme called Skills Builder. The mission is to "equip young people with the skills, experiences and aspirations they need to succeed in life."

There are 8 core skills that children will be taught, develop and use throughout the Skills Builder projects. They will practise these skills throughout all their learning at school.

We think about these 8 essential skills with just the same rigour as those associated with literacy and maths. 

The Skills Builder programme has two key beliefs.
Firstly, that children need to be great communicators, socially adept and resilient to succeed. Secondly, that learning can be the most exciting thing in the world. It is made clear that what they are learning in the classroom, both knowledge and skills, are transferable.

Skills Builder achieves both by bringing enterprise into the classroom through innovative programmes of engaging projects and exciting challenge days, for example designing and making models for a school in the future, planning and running their own café, researching and presenting news articles, podcasts and broadcasts.

These projects and Challenge Days will require the children to use a variety of the 8 core skills such as 'working as a team,' 'aiming high' and 'presenting.'
They will need to be able to communicate well and cooperate whilst 'problem solving' and 'staying positive' to reach a common goal.
These skills are assessed throughout the year to track the children’s progress.

Click here to see the steps of progress for each of the 8 core skills. These are the steps covered in primary school.

There are six key principles for effective skills teaching. These have much in common with the effective teaching of literacy and numeracy. 


We have clarity about what we are trying to achieve in building children's capabilities. We focus on small,   teachable chunks with clear outcomes.

We track children's skills across the year. We understand the children's current strengths and weaknesses related to their ability in a skill. The assessments help us to understand where learners are and what they need to do next.

We continuously provide opportunities for children to develop their skills, revisiting and reinforcing them  across our broad and balanced curriculum.


  Developing children's skills, regardless of       their age, will help them become succesful  learners now and in the future.

Different activities focussing on the skills will help children at different steps as they progress. The activities at each step are designed to focus explicitly on the new learning at that step.

Many activities encourage children to think about how they use the skills and draw on experience. Through real-life contexts, workshops, trips and other projects, the need for the skills can be reinforced.


Skills Builder also work in partnership with over 70 top businesses including PWC, Virgin, and Hamleys. Some children have already had, and others will have the opportunity to visit businesses and work with volunteers on a variety of exciting projects. These days are excellent opportunities to incentivise and reward students, and give them valuable experience of the professional world.

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